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Indoor Led Display

Obvious indoor led screen, tailored for shopping malls, conference rooms, studios, stores, brand exhibition halls and other scenes. In order to meet different usage environments, the Obvious team has designed a variety of styles to meet project needs over the years.
 ● The obvious FN, FS, FS-Plus, COB, Flexible series are specially designed for interior engineering
 ● It is obviously made of aluminum alloy material, which is stable in structure and not easy to be deformed.
● Obviously high-refresh product design, which can highlight the color reproduction
 ● Intelligent adjustment of color temperature
 ● Moderate brightness, continuous viewing without fatigue
● Full front maintenance design concept
 ● Convenient and fast installation and after-sales service
 ● Ultra-wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and color, no color cast
 ● Anti-UV and anti-deformation module

transparent led screen

Transparent Led Screen

Obvious transparent led screen products provide solutions for different usage environments. Indoor transparent led screens are popular in luxury stores; outdoor window transparent screens solve the combination of in-store products and external advertising displays; outdoor transparent screens are light in weight, easy to install, and feature high brightness, which is a must for some outdoor buildings. The Obvious G series is designed for transparent projects
 ●Transparent led screen uses all aluminum materials
 ●Broadcast color gamut, intelligent adjustment of color temperature
 ● Moderate brightness, continuous viewing without fatigue
 ●Precise control technology to ensure that the screen is flat and not deformed
 ●No stitching, super wide viewing angle, uniform brightness
 ●Anti-ultraviolet, anti-deformation module The assembled screen is flat and non-deformed
●Obvious transparent led display, both rental and fixed installation are available

Outdoor Led Display

Obvious outdoor led screen, products with high brightness and super bright design, can meet the environmental characteristics of different countries in the world, suitable for anti-corrosion materials in coastal cities, suitable for high temperature and low temperature environments such as Africa and the Middle East, Russia, Europe and the United States, can match. product. Moreover, for the current popular outdoor 3D high-definition large ;ed screen, there is also a perfect solution.
● Prominent product design, maximum brightness of 10000 nits
 ● Common cathode power saving products
 ● Only about 200W power consumption per square meter
 ● High waterproof protection level, true outdoor IP68
 ● Perfect simple service solution for outdoor, full service before and after
 ● Aluminum can prolong the service life of outdoor products
 ● The control system can be operated by administrator to play the screen from the Internet
 ● 3D high refresh led video wall solution to make advertising more successful

 outdoor led screen
rental  led screen

Rental Solution

Obvious rental ;ed screen, according to the design requirements of the event venue, can be assembled at will, with inner and outer arc splicing, Obvious rental ;ed screen has indoor and outdoor product options to meet the needs of different activity environments. Use in studios, film studios, virtual scene events, etc.
 ● Distinctive R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 series designed for rental activities
 ● Indoor and outdoor rental products
 ● Curved and straight box options
 ● 500*500mm and 500*1000mm cabinets are combined together ● High refresh rate, widely used in TV studios and cinemas
 ● Can make XR system, more than 7680hz design