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What scene is the led display suitable for?

by JohnsonZhong on June 20, 2022

Due to the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, low power consumption, high display clarity, and high reliability, LED displays are widely used in a wide range of fields, including security monitoring, data centers, cinemas, shopping malls, sports events and stages.


(1) Security monitoring 

Security video surveillance is an important part of realizing the development of the national smart IoT industry and the improvement of the social governance system. As government departments at all levels continue to promote the construction of social security prevention and control systems, the advancement of technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and 5G technology, and the continuous investment in infrastructure such as railways, highways, and urban tracks, there is a demand for corresponding video surveillance products, video surveillance applications. The market will continue to maintain rapid growth.


(2) Data center

In recent years, the construction of new infrastructure has been accelerated, and data centers, as a key area of new infrastructure, have also ushered in a construction climax, which has been continuously applied in various fields. In the construction of data center, data visualization is one of the core links. LED screen stands out for its seamless splicing, high stability, clear display, easy maintenance and other advantages, and has become an important display carrier for data visualization.


(3) Cinema

Cinema display is another important area for future LED displays. At present, traditional movie projections are mainly based on projection, which requires high ambient light for playback. The self-luminous characteristics of the LED screen make it have high brightness, and there is no need to strictly control the light in the cinema. In addition, LED displays are superior to traditional projection methods in terms of color saturation, image quality and clarity.


(4) shopping malls

As a modern place integrating entertainment, consumption and food, large shopping malls are closely related to people's lives. As one of the places with the largest number of people in the city, the advertising location in the shopping mall can bring huge commercial value. Therefore, the advertising display carrier of the shopping mall has a large market demand. With the birth of small-pitch LED screen technology, the original advertising carrier in shopping malls is gradually being replaced by LED display.


(5) Sports events

In the field of sports events, LED screens are widely used in event scoring, real-time broadcast of games, and advertising. As a necessary facility for sports venues, LED display screens are becoming more and more important in Beijing, where people pay more and more attention to physical exercise. The addition and renovation of sports venues will help increase the demand for LED displays.


(6) Stage

In recent years, with the rise of the entertainment economy, performance activities have gradually increased, and the market has become more diversified. From the original focus on the scale of performances, it has begun to focus on the quality of live performances, and the requirements for stage presentation are also getting higher and higher. Based on its advantages of bright colors and flexible structure, LED displays are more and more widely used in the design of major performance stages.


(7) Virtual shooting

At present, LED screens are increasingly appearing in film shooting and production for the construction of virtual scenes. Compared with traditional green screen shooting, under virtual shooting, the LED display screen can present different realistic shooting environments in time as needed. The director and actors are in the visible scene, and there is no need to face the green curtain and the wall out of thin air. imagine. In addition, the introduction of LED screens has also changed the traditional film production process, reducing the proportion of post-processing computer-modified scenes, saving a lot of post-processing time and costs.



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