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What is on-board LED screen

by JohnsonZhong on September 28, 2022

With the strong growth of domestic demand, continuous penetration followed, ushering in a period of rapid growth. In the highly competitive market, we followed the technology trend, focused on on-board LED and solutions, and began to enter the market.

The on-board LED screen screen is installed on the vehicle and is made of special power supply, control card and unit board. It displays text, pictures, animation and video equipment through dot matrix switch. It is an independent set of vehicle mounted LED screen system with the rapid development of LED screen. Compared with ordinary display, it is stationary and has higher requirements on stability, anti-interference, shock resistance, dust prevention, etc. On board LED screen is an extension of LED.

Advantages of on-board LED screen

  1. Mobile media has stronger communication power, wider coverage and better effect. Compared with other LED screens, the on-board LED is always in motion. It can be played on the road at any time, with stronger transmission capacity and wider coverage than fixed transmission.
  2. High brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback. With super bright LEDs, you can still see the sun from a distance. From south to north, from east to west, adapt to cold, hot, dry and humid environment.
  3. It is easy to operate and use. It's easy to change information and play videos on your computer or phone.
  4. Modular design, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Display, control and power supply are designed separately, with its own module, which is more stable and easy to maintain.
  • Thin design, easy to disassemble and assemble: reduce the space occupation of on-board LED screen;
  • Aluminum alloy material box: reduce the weight of on-board LED screen;
  • Channel exhaust design: reduce the use of fans. Noise reduction;
  • Wide voltage design: prevent high pulse voltage from damaging the display screen when the car starts, brakes and stops.
  • Equipped with movable lifting device, the lifting height can be adjusted according to customer needs.
  • Obvious's vehicle mounted LED screenproducts have a set of low-power solutions, which can make the display run with 1/3 less energy than the original, further reducing your operating costs
  • With high refresh rate and high gray level, LED screen images are more realistic, meeting the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;
  • With the brightness and color point by point correction function, LED screenscreen is more abundant, meeting the requirements of commercial high visual quality;
  • It can be changed at any time, and different advertisements can be displayed for different customers 24/7;
  • Support the network control function, so that you can control the display of multiple cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time;
  • The multi-function card we are equipped with can be opened and closed at any time through software timing or manually to achieve unattended function.
  • The standardization of box design makes the same box size applicable to different pixel display requirements, making the car more convenient.
  • Good waterproof effect, protection level 65, suitable for outdoor environment.
  • The LED video control system is equipped with a dual backup system, allowing customers to switch to the backup system immediately in case of failure.

We also provide relevant spare parts for customers. All spare parts are modular design, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance.


Tailor the most suitable on-board LED screen solution according to customer requirements and on-site environment

  1. LED screenscreen of automobile rear window: mainly used for the rear window display screen of, and engineering vehicles, with text content.
  2. Ceiling LED lamp: mainly used for the ceiling of taxis, not only for taking taxis, but also for taking taxis. Let mobile media spread throughout the city. It is mainly used to display text information. GSM, GPRS, GPS, etc.;
  3. Body: mainly used for advertising, public service promotion, performance, etc., mainly playing video, pictures and other information. Generally, it is refitted on the cart, and the LED screenscreen of the lift truck can be customized according to the different needs of customers.
  4. The screen is dedicated to official business, expressway, patrol and administrative law enforcement vehicles: it is not only equipped with flash light, but also can display information, and the information content changes at any time;
  5. Bus LED screenscreen: a good bus image plays an important role. It can obtain timely news, weather forecast, advertising information through wireless means, and synchronously display comprehensive information such as station information.


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