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What is a poster LED screen

by JohnsonZhong on June 17, 2022

Under the diversification of market demand, LED displays are developing continuously towards various market segments. Among them, poster LED screen, as a new product segment, has attracted the attention of industry insiders, and has been widely used in the market. The birth of the poster LED screen is aimed at users' application pain points for traditional static posters. At the same time, through flexible LED screen display, seamless splicing, and stunning visual effects, it can meet the needs of supermarkets, shopping malls, event venues, and specialty stores in multiple directions. , corporate halls, performance venues and other scene needs.



The features of Poster LED screen


  1. Ultra-thin design, simple and beautiful

The standard poster LED screen is 83 inches, and the total weight of the screen is 35kg. Compared with the traditional too bulky LED products, the lighter screen is easier to handle, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual scene application. The most important thing is that the poster LED screen adopts a slim design with a thickness of only 35mm, which is smaller than the diameter of the bottle cap, which is more simple and beautiful, and delicately integrates technology and aesthetics.


  1. Clear and flexible, multi-screen synchronization

The clear and flexible picture presentation is also one of the major features of the poster LED screen. Different from traditional posters, the poster LED screen can scroll to display relevant pictures, bringing shocking visual effects. At the same time, the signal loop backup is added, and the screen is no longer black when the signal is interrupted at any point; multiple poster LED screens can also be seamlessly spliced, so that multi-screen synchronous playback can ensure the integrity of the output picture, the visual effect is more shocking, and it is easy to meet the track Transportation, shopping mall display, commercial chain and other application scenarios.


  1. Intelligent cluster control, remote intelligent monitoring

The poster LED screen supports remote wireless interactive operation of Android mobile phones and smart terminals, remote intelligent monitoring, and remote timing switch screen. Users can grasp the progress of terminal push information in real time, which is convenient for scheduling at any time. A variety of Internet access methods: Ethernet, WIFI, 4G; not limited by the system platform, such as Android Windows, IOS and other platforms can be extremely controlled anytime, anywhere.


  1. Multi-form installation, flexible and convenient

The poster LED screen can also be installed in different forms to meet the application needs of different scenarios. For commercial and supermarket scenarios, standard vertical installation can be adopted. Open the hidden bracket on the back of the product and it can be used directly. It can be opened in 1 second, which is convenient and fast; It can be moved easily after standing.

 For specialty stores such as clothing and shoe cabinets, it can be installed in the form of hoisting, which is fashionable and simple, eye-catching, and fully enhances the level of the store. At the same time, it can be beautifully integrated with the scene, save space and layout, and bring a good video look and feel; for cultural centers, large venues, etc., DIY creative splicing can be used to improve the application scene in a more creative way. Brand tone.


  1. Easy maintenance, peace of mind and convenience

Another advantage of poster LED screens is that they are easy to maintain. There is no need to reset the system card for replacement, and there is no need to remove the protective layer for the front maintenance of the module. The design of the system box is also extremely user-friendly, which can be opened in 1 second without tools. If there is a problem during use, maintenance can be carried out in time without the complicated disassembly of the internal unit of the product.



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