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What are the installation methods of outdoor advertising LED screens

by JohnsonZhong on August 23, 2022

During the installation process of the LED outdoor LED signage, the installation method selected will be different due to the outdoor environment. What is the structure of the outdoor LED advertising  screen?


At present, the main installation methods of outdoor LED advertising screen are: built-in type, hoisting type, step type, column type, wall-mounted type, etc. The following will introduce to you:

  1. Embedded:

A steel structure is installed on the wall, and then an outdoor  LED screen is embedded with the steel structure as the support. The main installation site is the outer wall of the building.


  1. Hoisting type:

It mainly uses the designed steel structure to hang the outdoor LED signage body on the structure. Generally, it will be used on the stage and without the support of the wall outside. In the case of temporarily using the outdoor LED screen, the hoisting method has obvious advantages.


  1. Step type:

It is mainly to install a two-color LED display screen or a full-color screen, a high-density LED screen, etc. on the facade of the steps, and the observation distance is generally 3 meters away.


  1. Column type:

Since there are no surrounding walls or available support points, the column-type installation method has higher requirements on the steel structure and is the most common installation method. For example, most of the outdoor advertising LED screens next to the highway use this method.


  1. Wall-mounted:

Generally, a force point is made on the wall, the outdoor LED signage is hung on the wall, and the wall is used as a fixed support.


Therefore, the structure of the full-color outdoor screen can be adjusted according to local conditions, and the most suitable installation method can be selected according to the size of the LED screen. In addition, attention should be paid to the installation of outdoor LED full-color screens: lightning protection devices should be installed on the LED screen and buildings, waterproof measures should be taken for the LED screen itself, and ventilation equipment such as air conditioners should be installed to cool down, so that the internal temperature of the screen body is between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ .


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