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What are the application scenarios of transparent LED screens?

by JohnsonZhong on July 09, 2022

Although the covid-19 is raging, it has not hindered the continuous innovation of transparent LED screens. Relying on more than 85% permeability and ultra-thin performance, it has a strong impact on the traditional display screen, and the LED transparent screen is favored by users in a more eye-catching way.

Especially since this year, many LED display companies have joined the research and development one after another, and have achieved good results from product selection to product innovation. It has to be said that in addition to general functions, such as lighting and transparent display, transparent LED screens also extend different display effects of various shapes and various application places according to the individual needs of different application fields. This is also an innovative breakthrough of LED transparent screen. What splendid application scenarios does LED transparent screen bring to urban life? At present, there are mainly the following application scenarios.

 01 Commercial chain stores

More and more shopping malls have transparent led glass window displays, which can play a role in brand promotion and product promotion. The display products in shopping malls are generally dominated by LCD screens and LED transparent screens, which play the role of shopping mall advertising and create a good shopping atmosphere for customers.

 02 Public transportation places

LED transparent screens are used more and more frequently in public transportation places, such as airports, subway stations and bus stations. As a part of the airport media, the airport LED transparent screen, with its unique display effect and digital technology, opens up the online and offline media content and provides the best scene for information interaction. Subway station LED or bus station transparent screen, three-dimensional bright, vivid picture. Not only has a unique advertising space been formed, but also the advertising effect has been improved with the help of super high traffic, such as public service advertising, tourism advertising, and commercial advertising.

03 Stage

The stage LED transparent screen, in addition to the transparent and cool visual effect, is lighter, thinner and safer. The transparent led screen of the same area is only half the weight of the traditional screen, and the lighter weight is easier to install and disassemble than the traditional LED screen. Of course, the cool three-dimensional effect of the LED transparent screen is also unmatched by the traditional LED display.

 04 Tourist attractions

Some famous tourist attractions across the country have also installed transparent LED screens to protect existing tourist resources and upgrade scenic landmarks. The LED transparent screen embellishes the tourist attractions, and also increases the flow of people in the scenic spots and increases the benefits of the tourist attractions.


It is undeniable that the development potential of LED transparent screen is huge, and it has more commercial value than traditional LED display. There are hundreds of LED display manufacturers in China, and enterprises need to bring more enterprise benefits in the fierce market competition. It is necessary to expand the territory in LED transparent screen products and accelerate the pace of R&D and innovation in order to remain invincible.


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