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What are the advantages and characteristics of car LED display?

by JohnsonZhong on October 19, 2022

With the strong growth of demand in the domestic advertising market, the continuous penetration of in-vehicle advertising has led to the rapid growth of automotive LED displays. In the fiercely competitive market, closely following the trend of technology, focusing on automotive LED display products and solutions, we began to enter this market.


First, the introduction of car LED display

The on-board LED display is installed on the car. It is a device that uses a special power supply, control card, and unit board to display text, pictures, animation, and video through dot matrix on and off. It is an independent set of vehicle LED display system with the rapid development of LED display. The requirements for dustproof and other aspects are higher. Vehicle LED display is an extension of advertising media LED.


Second, the advantages of car LED display

  1. Streaming media has stronger dissemination, wider coverage and better effect. Compared with other LED displays, the car LED is always in motion. Advertising information can be played at any time with the car on the road, which is more capable of spreading and covering a larger area than a fixed advertising platform.
  2. High brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback. Using ultra-bright LEDs, it is still clearly visible from a long distance under the sun. From south to north, from east to west, it adapts to both cold, hot, dry and wet environments.
  3. Simple operation and easy to use. Whether you use a computer or a mobile phone, it is very convenient to change information and play videos.
  4. Modular design, reliable performance and easy maintenance. Display, control, and power supply are designed separately, forming a self-contained module, which is more stable and easy to maintain.


Third, car LED display features

  • Ultra-thin design, easy to disassemble and install: reduce the space occupied by the car LED display;
  • Aluminum alloy material box: reduce the weight of the car LED display and thus reduce the weight of the body;
  • Channel exhaust design: reduce the use of fans. Reduce noise;
  • Electrostatic protection measures: prevent damage to LED lights and driver ICs;
  • Wide voltage design: prevent the display from being damaged by high pulse voltage when the car starts, brakes and stops.
  • A movable lifting device is installed, and the lifting height can be adjusted according to customer needs.
  • The product has a set of low-power solutions, which can save 1/3 of the energy when the display is running, which further greatly reduces your operating costs;
  • With high refresh rate and high grayscale, the LED display screen is more realistic and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;
  • It has the function of point-by-point correction of brightness and color, which makes the LED display screen richer and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;
  • The content of advertisements can be changed at any time, and different advertisements can be displayed for different customers around the clock;
  • Support network control function, which enables you to control the displays of several cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time;
  • With the multi-function card we are equipped with, it can be switched on and off at any time by software timing or manually, and the unattended function can be realized.
  • The standardization of the box design makes the same box size applicable to the requirements of different pixel displays, making the installation of the vehicle LED display more convenient.
  • Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for use in outdoor environment.
  • The LED video control system has a double backup system, in case of failure, the customer can switch to the backup system immediately.
  • The company also provides related maintenance spare parts for customers. All spare parts are modular in design, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance.
  • According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor the most suitable vehicle LED display solution;


Fourth, car LED display application places

  1. LED display screen on the rear window of the car: used for the rear window display of taxis, buses and engineering vehicles, mainly for text content.
  2. Roof LED lights: mostly used for taxi roofs, which not only play the role of taxi light boxes, but also display advertisements. Let streaming media run all over the city. Mostly used to display text information. There are GSM, GPRS, GPS and other car screens;
  3. Full-color LED display on the body: mostly used for advertisements, public welfare promotions, performances, etc., mainly to play videos, pictures and other information. It is generally modified on a cart, and can be lifted and lowered according to the different needs of customers.
  4. Vehicle-mounted screen for official business, highway administration, patrol police, and administrative law enforcement vehicles: not only install strobe lights, but also display information, and the information content can be changed at any time;
  5. Bus LED display: The good image of the bus plays an important role. It can obtain timely news, weather forecast advertisements and other information wirelessly, and can simultaneously display comprehensive information such as station announcement information.


Fifth, Preparation before installation of vehicle LED display

  1. Technical training: During the production process of the screen, the customer can send someone to the manufacturer to learn the LED display operation and simple spare parts replacement technology.
  2. The design of the steel frame will be carried out in about a week after signing the contract. The engineer will design the steel frame structure according to the on-site situation and the actual situation of the on-board LED electronic display screen and hand it over to the construction party. The construction party can obtain the steel frame structure drawings (CAD drawings) after , purchase relevant materials according to the drawings, and plan the production of steel structures.
  3. In the early stage of exploration, the screen body is designed according to the on-site construction conditions. The reasonable combination of the installation site and the screen body is the first step in the installation process of the vehicle LED display.
  4. Calculation of screen power and power distribution facilities. In the early stage of installation, the power consumption of the screen and the size of the power distribution cabinet must be pre-planned. The car LED display manufacturer will calculate the actual situation according to the actual situation of the screen. Electricity consumption, to cooperate with the construction party.


Sixth, Official installation of LED display

  1. For the installation of the car display screen, customers may know about the construction of the steel structure, but generally do not know much about the wiring and splicing of the car LED display screen, so it is generally carried out under the guidance of professional engineers, and the final screen of the other party is required. Body operators participate to learn more about the screen body;
  2. Maintenance of the screen body: During the debugging of the LED display, there may be occasional damage to a set of LED display modules. At this time, an engineer needs to carry out on-site maintenance or replace the spare parts;
  3. Debugging of the vehicle LED display: After the installation is completed, the manufacturer's technicians are required to inspect the overall screen before it can be powered on and connected to the computer to control the screen.


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