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Small pitch LED box structure and installation

by JohnsonZhong on July 15, 2022

Small-pitch LED display can bring excellent performances, which is inseparable from its good performance in seamless and flatness, and these are mainly because of the production process and box structure, that is, high-precision CNC machining technology and die-casting aluminum box, let us Obvious LED briefly introduce the structure and installation of small-pitch LED box.



Installation analysis of die-casting aluminum box for small-pitch LED screen


  1. Bracket magnetic installation

This installation method is mainly used in applications where the effect of the led display is not too strict and the front maintenance is not required. The rear installation space is not required, and the installation is simple, but there is almost no flatness and seam. Adjust the design of the mechanism. After installation, it is necessary to install the LED control system and the rear of the wire. Compared with other installation methods, this method cannot guarantee the flatness and seam of the entire screen after installation. The consequence of this is the display General effect.


  1. Simple box-type installation

For the LED display with this installation method, the receiving card and switching power supply are generally integrated in the box, and there is no need to install and configure other wiring. This simple box is mainly Using the material of iron sheet, the installation is relatively simple, and it is more suitable for occasions where there are requirements for the effect of the led display, easy installation and maintenance, and post-maintenance use; the processing technology of the box body is relatively crude and the precision is not high; the result It is the adjustment accuracy of seam and flatness in general.


  1. Installation of traditional die-casting aluminum cabinets

The cabinets of each display screen are basically processed by high-standard mold-level processing, with a small die-casting aluminum structure and a modular installation structure. The led display screen has a seam and flatness adjustment mechanism. For example, the small-pitch LED display of Obvious adopts the professional technology of splicing and fine-tuning, and the adjusted error is all ≤0.01mm, so that the splicing error is almost zero, the screen body is flat without bumps, the bright and dark lines of the picture are eliminated, and the whole screen is flat. Degree <0.1mm.


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