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Outdoor LED screen around us- naked eye 3D LED screen

by JohnsonZhong on August 16, 2022

With the continuous advancement of technology, the functions and effects of traditional products are also changing. The traditional LED display screen for scrolling information has gradually become a "door brick" to attract customers. The big screen is no longer a simple large advertising screen, but also changed people's concept of space, from flat 2D to three-dimensional 3D. In major internet celebrity cities and bustling business districts, a wave of urban screens has emerged. The various forms in the city seem to be a business card of the city, telling everyone the strong cultural heritage and small town stories. Today, we will take you to take a look at these colorful outdoor 3D displays, and take you into a splendid 3D vision together.


  1. Xindaxin Department Store, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street itself is a must-see Internet celebrity attraction in Guangzhou. It is a bustling business district with a lot of traffic and shops. The addition of outdoor naked-eye 3D screens makes Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street more eye-catching.


  1. Chengdu Jinjiang Hejiang Pavilion

The 3D outdoor display screen located in Jinjiang Hejiang Pavilion in Chengdu is displayed in the form of an exhibition hall, adding highlights of the exhibition hall

  1. ChongqingJiefangbei

Along with Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, it is also the Chongqing Jiefangbei that must be checked in. It is also a shopping gathering place that gathers tourists from all over the world. In such a well-known and blessed business district, the addition of outdoor display screens has added another fire to its popularity, which can be said to be even more powerful.


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