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Is the special-shaped LED screen reliable?

by JohnsonZhong on June 22, 2022

special-shaped LED display refers to customized LED display with various shape designs to meet the needs of various shapes and applications. An LED display consists of a frame and multiple modules. The frame can be customized according to the requirements, and the size of the module is also various, so it is easier to customize the LED screen according to different scene requirements.

The special-shaped LED screen is based on the traditional LED display, which can present different effects by transforming various shapes. At the same time, it also has a good modeling ability, which can meet the special customization needs, and at the same time meet the diverse needs of viewing vision, injecting new vitality into the display industry.

LED screen is in the stage of rapid development and growth. Today, the LED display market is undergoing tremendous changes. In addition to the traditional information display and other functions, the requirements for appearance have also been further improved to make it even better. The overall structure and use requirements of adapting to the environment have led to the emergence of LED special-shaped display screens.

Flexible LED displays are easier to make into LED shaped displays. Flexible LED screens can withstand greater bending and have a variety of installation methods to better meet the needs of individual designs. For example, the pixel pitch of the flexible LED display module developed and produced by OBVIOUS LED DISPLAY is P1.667, 1.86mm, P1.875, P2.0, P2.5, except for P2.5, the average power consumption is 60W/m² , The power consumption of the four models is 25W-30W/m², and one square meter is only equivalent to the power consumption of the light bulb. OBVIOUS flexible LED screen modules are lightweight, thin and bendable, and can be bent at will. The light source adopts high-quality anti-glare black LED lights. The display quality is good and the product runs stably.

With the development of LED display technology, various special-shaped LED screens are slowly integrating into our lives. When profiled screens first came out, people were amazed that the original display could do the same, with different shapes such as circles, cubes, cylinders, cylinders and even human heads. The LED special-shaped screen can be well adapted to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and dimensions of the screen can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the individual needs of customers.

The LED spherical screen has a full viewing angle of 360° and can play videos in all directions. You can feel good visuals at any angle without flat viewing angle issues. At the same time, it can also directly map spherical objects such as the earth and football to the display screen according to the needs, which makes people feel vivid, and is widely used in museums, science and technology museums and exhibition halls. With the continuous development of the modern economy, people's demand for individualization of LED displays is getting higher and higher, and the demand for LED screen various shapes is also increasing, such as cube screens used in bars and shopping malls . Hanging screens, spherical screens, etc. are the applications of LED special-shaped displays.

The main principle of special-shaped LED display is a breakthrough in structure, and due to the difference in appearance and structure, there are relatively high requirements for research and development capabilities and production processes. If the technology of the LED manufacturer is not good enough, there will be many problems with the spliced shaped LED display, such as uneven appearance due to excessive seam gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will affect the viewing effect and destroy the overall design aesthetics. More importantly, the circuit and structural design of special-shaped LED screens are relatively complex, so high requirements are placed on the R&D capabilities of manufacturers.

Compared with the conventional LED display, the LED special-shaped display pays more attention to the breakthrough in structure. At present, LED special-shaped screen modules mainly include fan-shaped, arc-shaped, circular and cylindrical, triangular and other structural forms. Compared with conventional LED display screens, LED special-shaped screens tend to be used by users with special needs. Currently, they are mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls, squares and other environments. Due to the different appearance and structure of LED special-shaped screens, the technical requirements for manufacturers are also more stringent. If the manufacturer's technology is not good enough, the spliced LED screen will have many problems such as uneven appearance caused by excessive seam gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will affect the viewing effect and destroy the aesthetics of the overall design.


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