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Is the LED poster screen suitable for shopping malls?

by JohnsonZhong on June 19, 2022

LED poster screens are gradually replacing traditional materials such as paper posters in the market. They can form a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and change the advertising characteristics from passive to active. Focus on the user's eyes to achieve accurate display and dissemination of advertising information.


Compared with traditional display equipment, poster LED  screens are more brilliant in various scenarios with their own flexible LED screen display, micro-splicing, shocking visual effects, and slim body. Combined with the actual performance, let's take a look at the specific application of poster screens in supermarkets, brand counters, event venues and other scenarios.



Dynamic display of product details, more realistic visual effects

Under the trend of consumption upgrading, in the face of increasingly personalized and refined consumer demand, the supermarket industry is constantly innovating and reforming, and paying more attention to the integration of "efficiency" and "experience". While providing consumers with more diversified commodity categories, it will also provide consumers with more comfortable and convenient services from the aspects of supermarket space design and supporting facilities to enhance consumers' shopping experience.

Through the standard vertical installation of the LED poster screen, it can be directly applied to various areas of the supermarket, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, the poster screen can scroll to present information such as new product launches, discounts and promotions, and event preheating in supermarkets, so that consumers can establish a clear understanding. At the same time, the 8-level adjustable high screen brightness of 480 ~ 800cd/㎡ can adjust the screen brightness according to the light intensity of the supermarket area, and the application is more flexible. Compared with traditional KT boards, roll-up boards and other materials, the use of LED poster screens can not only bring consumers a more intuitive and shocking visual experience, but also save continuous investment in materials from the perspective of long-term operation. cost.


Counter display

The appearance is slim and outstanding, and the grade of the counter is improved

Nowadays, major shoe and clothing counters have gradually begun to use various commercial display devices to focus consumers' attention and display store information. However, in terms of traditional commercial TVs, not only are they too bulky, occupying counter space, but also more difficult to achieve flexible display and release of counter information.

The standard 83-inch  poster LED screen has a lighter screen body, which can facilitate the flexible handling and adjustment of the counter staff according to the actual scene application requirements. In addition, the thin appearance design with a thickness of only 35mm makes the LED poster screen more simple and beautiful. . At the same time, the LED poster screen can also be installed in the form of hoisting, which is fashionable and simple, eye-catching, and fully improves the grade of the counter store.

In the information push and display, the LED poster screen supports remote wireless interactive operation of Android mobile phones and smart terminals, remote intelligent monitoring, remote, timing switch screen, remote centralized management review, and playback control. Users can grasp the process of terminal push information in real time, which is convenient for scheduling at any time. , Store promotions, festivals, new products and other information display more convenient and faster.


Event venue

Conduct a welcome presentation and clearly present the content of the venue

Business meetings are an integral part of today's era. Investment promotion meetings, channel meetings, press conferences, industry exchange meetings, strategic cooperation meetings, etc. are not uncommon. Organizers often expect to achieve their own business goals through business meetings, such as signing contracts, new product exposure, and business cooperation. In this scenario, LED poster screen can also play an important role.

Placing the LED poster screen at the entrance of the venue can flexibly present information such as welcome posters, business conference themes, new products, and precautions for participants, bringing a good video look and feel, and at the same time, it is convenient for participants to establish a clear cognition. At the same time, the design of the LED poster screen system box is also extremely user-friendly, which can be opened in 1 second without tools. Even if there is a failure during the use of a business meeting, it can be maintained and processed in a timely manner without the complicated disassembly of the internal machine of the product. Does not affect the business meeting experience.

In addition to the above three scenarios, poster LED  screens can be widely used in digital cinemas, exhibition halls, financial banks, hospitals, schools, automobile 4S stores, real estate, catering stores and other scenarios. OBVIOUS LED DISPLAY can provide customers with tailor-made integrated, convenient and intelligent LED display solutions!


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