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How to maintain the LED signage/ LED screen?

by JohnsonZhong on August 25, 2022

At present, LED signage have been widely used in all walks of life, bringing a lot of convenience to people's lives. Many companies use LED signage, and some companies purchase a lot, such as real estate companies, movie theaters, etc. Although enterprises have purchased products, many people still do not know how to maintain and use them. Here, We will share with you some daily maintenance methods of LED screens/ LED signage, hoping to help you.


  1. The fixation inspection of the components inside the LED screen/ LED signage. If damaged or other problematic parts are found, they should be replaced in time, especially the small parts of the steel frame structure; when receiving an early warning of natural disasters such as weather deterioration, it is necessary to check the stability and safety of each component of the screen body , If there is a problem, deal with it in time to avoid unnecessary losses; regularly maintain the surface coating of the LED display and the welding point of the steel structure to prevent corrosion, rust and fall off; the LED screenrequires frequent maintenance, at least a year. Maintenance twice.


  1. Inspection of defective products: Regular inspections should be made for defective products, and timely repair or replacement should be carried out, usually once every three months.


  1. In the process of maintenance of the LED display, sometimes the LED lights need to be cleaned. When cleaning the LED light, use a soft brush to gently scrub the dust accumulated on the outside of the LED light tube. If it is a waterproof box, you can also dip it in water to clean it. According to the use environment of the LED display, we need to clean it regularly. maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the entire screen.


  1. the lightning protection facilities of the LED display should be checked frequently. Regularly check the lightning rod and grounding circuit; after the occurrence of lightning, the anti-pipe should be tested, if it fails, it must be replaced in time; it can be checked frequently during the rainy season.


  1. Check the power supply system of the display screen. First of all, check whether the connection of each line in the distribution box is rusted or loose. If there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time; for safety, the grounding of the electric box must be normal and checked regularly; the power lines and new signal paths should also be checked regularly. , to avoid the line being broken or bitten; the entire power supply system also needs to be inspected twice a year.


  1. LED control system inspection. On the LED control system, each function is tested one by one according to the preset conditions; all the lines and equipment of the screen should be checked regularly to avoid accidents; the reliability of the system should be checked regularly , such as once every 7 days, etc.


Any product has a life cycle, and LED displays are no exception. The life of a product is not only related to its own raw material quality and production process, but also to people's daily maintenance. To prolong the service life of the LED display, we must develop the habit of maintaining the LED display in the process of use, and this habit should be deeply rooted and strictly implemented.


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