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How to identify the quality of special-shaped LED screen

by JohnsonZhong on July 17, 2022

The LED screen is no longer limited to the conventional flat display shape. The special-shaped LED flexible screen not only has the characteristics of being thin, bendable, and foldable, but also can realize various shapes such as stretching, twisting, and rotation, and the stretching range can be reaches 13%. Because of these characteristics, the special-shaped LED flexible screen can appear in everyone's field of vision with a more fashionable appearance and a more technological style. For example, the LED cylindrical screen and LED streamer screen that we often see , LED wave screen, LED Mobius ring, LED spherical screen, LED hemispherical screen, LED dome screen, LED ring screen and other products can all be spliced with special-shaped LED flexible screens. How should we identify LEDs? How good or bad is the flexible screen?



The surface flatness of the LED flexible screen is required to have an error of no more than 1mm, so as to ensure that the image will not be distorted when the product is displayed. If the product is partially convex or concave, it will lead to a dead angle in the viewing angle of the full-color LED display. The quality of flatness is directly related to the production process of the manufacturer;


2.White balance effect

 The white balance effect is a very important indicator of the LED special-shaped screen. In color theory, when the primary color ratio of red, blue and green is 14:60:16, will it display pure white? If there is a little deviation in the actual ratio, white will appear. Balance deviation, generally need to pay attention to whether the white will be bluish or yellowish green. The quality of the white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the LED special-shaped screen, and the color reduction of the die is also will have a certain impact;


3.color blocks

The color block refers to the obvious color difference between the adjacent modules on the LED flexible screen. The excessive color is caused by the module as a unit. The color block phenomenon is mainly caused by the intersection of the control system and the low gray level, and the scanning frequency is too high. caused by low;


4.Display brightness and viewing angle

We all know that the display brightness of the full-color LED display used in indoor scenes needs to be above 800cd/㎡, the semi-outdoor scene needs to be above 1500cd/㎡, and the pure outdoor scene needs at least 3500-5000cd/㎡ display brightness to ensure the display screen. Get a clear display. The display brightness of the LED display is directly related to the LED die used, and the viewing angle is directly related to the size of the audience. Therefore, in theory, the larger the viewing angle, the better, and the size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by It is determined by the packaging method of the LED die, but it is necessary to find a balance between the display brightness and the viewing angle;


5.Is there any imagination of mosaic and dead spots?

Mosaic refers to the small squares that are always black or always bright on the LED flexible screen, that is, the module is necrotic. The main reason is that the quality of the connectors used in the LED flexible screen is not good enough. The point is a single point that is always bright or always black on the LED flexible screen. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the LED;


6.Color reducibility

The reducibility of color mainly refers to the reducibility of the full-color LED flexible screen to the color itself, that is to say, the color displayed by the flexible LED screen must be more consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image. sense.


The above are several aspects of identifying the quality of special-shaped flexible LED screens. I hope this article can help you.


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