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How to deal with the outdoor display in harsh environment

by JohnsonZhong on April 01, 2022


As an LED display for outdoor media applications, its natural environment requirements are much higher than that of general displays. During the entire application process of outdoor LED displays, because of the different natural environments, they are often subjected to extreme weather such as high temperatures, strong typhoons, heavy rains, and lightning strikes.To make the display safe in extreme temperatures, what should we do well What about precautions?

1. High temperature protection

The outdoor LED display generally has a large total area, and the power consumption is large during the entire process of the application. The relative heat release is also large, and the external temperature is higher. If the heat pipe heat dissipation problem cannot be dealt with immediately, it is likely It will cause problems such as circuit board hot short circuit failure. In the manufacturing, to ensure that the display circuit board is in good condition, as far as possible in the design of the shell, select the hollow carved design, which is conducive to heat pipe heat dissipation. During installation, according to the condition of the equipment, insist that the display is in a good ventilation condition, and the heat pipe cooling equipment of the display must be upgraded when necessary, just like the internal modification of the air conditioner or the centrifugal fan to assist the heat dissipation of the display heat pipe.

2. Anti-Strong Typhoon

The installation location of outdoor LED display is different, and the installation method is also different. There are wall-mounted, package-mounted, vertical, suspension and so on. Then in the strong typhoon season, in order to prevent the LED transparent screen of the outdoor LED display from falling, the load-bearing steel frame of the display will be strictly managed. The project enterprise must strictly follow the typhoon-resistant grade to design and install the scheme, and also must have a certain level of earthquake-resistant work ability to ensure that the outdoor LED display is not easy to fall and cause casualties and other injuries.

3. Protection against heavy rain

There are many precipitation temperatures in southern China, so the LED display itself needs to have a very high level of moisture and water resistance in order to not be vulnerable to precipitation corrosion. In the natural environment of outdoor applications, outdoor LED displays must achieve IP65 waterproof rating. The touch panel must be glued and encapsulated. A moisture-proof case is used. The touch panel and case are connected to each other with a waterproof sealing rubber ring.

Fourth, anti-lightning

(1) Direct lightning protection: If the outdoor LED display is not within the scope of direct lightning protection for surrounding Weian house buildings, a lightning rod must be set at the top or the periphery of the steel frame structure of the display;

(2) Magnetic induction lightning safety protection: outdoor LED display switching power supply system software does 1-2 level power supply lightning protection, data signal route modification signal lightning protection device, and the host room switching power supply system software does three level lightning protection maintenance, data signal output / Refit the signal lightning protection device into the machine room of the host room;

(3) All LED display routes (switching power supply and data signal) should be shielded and laid underground;

(4) Outdoor LED display front-end development and host room ground protection should consider the system requirements. Generally, the front-end development ground wire resistance should not be greater than 4 ohms, and the host room ground wire resistance should not be greater than 1 ohm.


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