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How to choose the spacing and size of LED outdoor screen

by JohnsonZhong on August 15, 2022

As the golden carrier of outdoor advertising, LED outdoor LED screen is sought after by more and more businesses. However, with a carefully installed LED outdoor LED screen, at what distance is it the most eye-catching? Next, we will answer your questions.


The so-called minimum viewing distance means that the panorama of the screen can be viewed at this position, but due to the viewing distance being too close, there may be some glare and discomfort; while the maximum viewing distance means that under normal vision, the screen can be clearly viewed at this position. , but because the viewing distance is too far, there may be poor viewing experience such as low screen recognition and dim colors; the best viewing distance is very clear, within the range of this area, the visual effect is good, and the viewing experience is comfortable.


We can simply use the following formula to calculate the relative viewing distance of the LED outdoor LED screen.


Minimum viewing distance = pixel spacing (mm) × 1000

Maximum viewing distance = screen height (m) × 30

Optimum viewing distance = pixel pitch (mm) × 1000 ~ pixel pitch (mm) × 3000


Specifically, we take the screen height of 3 meters as an example, and the viewing distance values ​​of different sizes of LED displays are not the same.



Minimum sight distance=10mm×1000=10000mm=10m

Maximum sight distance=3m×30=90m

Best viewing distance=10mm×1000~10mm×3000=10000mm~30000mm=10m~30m



 Minimum sight distance=12mm×1000=12000mm=12m

 Maximum sight distance=3m×30=90m

 Best viewing distance=12mm×1000~12mm×3000=12000mm~36000mm=12m~36m



 Minimum sight distance=16mm×1000=16000mm=16m

 Maximum sight distance=3m×30=90m

 Best viewing distance=16mm×1000~16mm×3000=16000mm~48000mm=16m~48m


 Many LED advertising owners are distressed when choosing the size of the LED display. On the one hand, too large a screen will increase light pollution, and the purchase budget and operating costs will be high;


Through the above formula, we can calculate the maximum viewing distance, from which we can calculate the optimal height of the screen according to the distance from the venue. According to the aspect ratio of 6:4 of the standard LED display screen, the width of the screen body can be measured, so as to calculate the area of the screen body.


For example, the straight line from the end of the square to the installation point of the LED display is 60 meters, then we can calculate that the optimal height of the screen is 2 meters, and the recommended standard width is 3 meters, then the recommended size of the LED display for this small square is It can be 6 square meters. It is worth noting that the minimum size actually selected by the customer should not be lower than the above mentioned size.


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