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How to choose LED screen in conference room?

by JohnsonZhong on June 22, 2022

In recent years, more and more small-pitch LED displays have entered the meeting room, and the advantages of choosing small-pitch LED displays are high definition and seamless splicing. The dot pitch technology of the LED screen is the key. Usually, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution, and the better the screen display will naturally be. However, this is also the main factor affecting the price, and we need to comprehensively consider the analysis when purchasing.

In practical applications, although the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the large-screen display effect, but it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the use requirements and application environment to avoid unnecessary waste of funds, and fully consider the application environment and planning budget when purchasing products in order to achieve the expected use effect. So, how to choose the conference room LED display?


First of all, consider selecting the dot pitch, resolution, and display area of the LED screen according to the actual use environment; if the indoor environment is relatively large and the viewing distance is far, you can choose an LED series with a larger dot pitch to meet the needs; if the indoor space If it is not large, or the viewing distance is relatively short, you need to choose an LED series with a smaller dot pitch.

Secondly, according to the project budget, consider the style of the LED display, such as packaging technology, production materials, etc., as well as maintenance costs, etc. In actual operation, the more complex the box size, the higher the maintenance cost will naturally be.

Finally, the compatibility of signal transmission is also very important, because the signal access of LED screens in conference rooms generally has various requirements, such as diversified display, number and location dispersion, multi-signal screen display, and centralized management.


The conference room LED display attracts many users with high-definition display and exquisite display effect. The new production process of COB small-pitch LED completely overcomes the traditional SMD technical problems, breaks through the packaging technology of smaller pitch, and the smaller size of moisture-proof, anti-moisture dust, impact, etc. In addition, the maintenance operation of the small-pitch LED display is relatively simple, basically no tools, support module and power supply maintenance, fast speed and low cost, 160 ° large viewing angle and 16-bit high grayscale, indoor highlight display and excellent screen display The effect is also vivid and lifelike.

In practical applications in conference rooms, small-pitch LED screens cannot fully meet the needs of office meetings. Some customers have high requirements for image quality, clarity or resolution. At this time, they need to use LCD splicing screens for big data display solutions. In addition, in some small conference rooms, considering the integrity and clarity of the picture quality, or some touch functions, only the conference panel has a higher cost performance.


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