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How to choose dot pitch for LED display

by JohnsonZhong on May 26, 2022

1. What is the dot pitch?
Dot pitch, pitch, pixel pitch, these three technical terms have the same meaning, referring to the distance from the center of one lamp bead to the center of the adjacent lamp bead in the LED display, The unit is mm.
Pixel: The smallest light-emitting pixel of the LED display is the same as the "pixel" in the ordinary computer monitor. The pixel of the LED display, commonly known as "point", is also called "P" in the industry.
Dot pitch: the distance from the center of one pixel point to the center of another pixel point, which is what we now call "P", such as P3, P6, ...;
Dot pitch: It reflects the pixel density from the distance between two pixels. The dot pitch and pixel density are the physical properties of the display screen; the information capacity is the quantity unit of the information carrying capacity displayed at one time by the pixel density per unit area. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity can be displayed per unit area at one time, and the closer the viewing distance is. The larger the dot pitch, the lower the pixel density, the less information capacity that can be displayed per unit area at one time, and the longer the distance suitable for viewing. In the industry, the letter "P" in the word "pixel pitch" is also commonly used to refer to the dot pitch for short. For example, a screen with a dot pitch of 1.5mm is called P1.5, and a screen with a dot pitch of 2mm is called P2.

2. led display viewing distance.
Where the display screen is placed, and how far away people usually stand to see it, is only an important factor in determining the point spacing when choosing an LED display screen. Generally, there is a formula, the best visible distance = point spacing/(0.3~0.8), which is an approximate range. For example, for a display screen with a dot pitch of 16mm, the optimal viewing distance is 20~54 meters. If the distance between the stations is closer than the minimum distance, the pixels of the display screen can be distinguished one by one. Well, the human eye cannot distinguish the details of the features. 
For outdoor LED display, generally use p10 or p12 for short distance, p16 or p20 for farther, and for indoor display, generally p3~p6 surface mount, farther use p7.62 surface mount or p10. 

3.the total number of pixels of the led display. 
For video, the basic format is vcd, the resolution is 352*288, and the dvd format is 768*576. So for the video screen, we recommend that the minimum resolution is not lower than 352*288, so that the display effect is good enough. If it is lower, it can be displayed, but it cannot achieve better results. For single and dual primary color LED displays that mainly display text and pictures, the resolution requirements are not high. According to the actual size, the minimum display of font size 9 can be determined according to the amount of text you have. 
Therefore, in general LED displays, the smaller the dot pitch, the better, so that the resolution is high and the display is clear. However, the cost factor must also be considered.


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