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How to choose a transparent LED screen | Manufacturer's interpretation

by JohnsonZhong on September 03, 2022

There are two kinds of light-emitting modes of transparent LED screen: positive light-emitting and side light-emitting. So when we buy LED transparent screen, which transparent screen is better? Next, we will analyze the advantages of transparent LED screen side luminescence compared to positive luminescence from the perspective of transparent screen manufacturers.


First, Higher permeability

The side-emitting transparent LED screen is generally more transparent than the positive-emitting display. Using side-emitting transparent LED screens, the transmittance can generally reach more than 80%, while the positive light transmittance is only 70%.


Second, the effect is better

Due to the occlusion of the brackets on both sides of the lamp beads, the brightness of the positive-emitting transparent LED screen decreases from the best position in the middle along both sides. Too low brightness makes the audience on both sides of the stage unable to see the image on the screen at all. The side-emitting full-color transparent LED screen is not blocked by the bracket, and the brightness increases from the front of the screen along both sides.


Third, the viewing angle is wider

The positive-emitting transparent LED screen adopts the standard lamp beads of the conventional LED screen, which can ensure a viewing angle of 140°; the lamp beads of the side-emitting transparent LED screen are installed on the upper or lower side of the light bar, and the viewing angle can be adjusted. It reaches 160° and has a wider viewing angle, so that the audience on both sides of the stage can also enjoy the ultimate stage visual feast.


Fourth, strong protection and maintenance capabilities

In the field of stage rental, transparent LED screens are frequently loaded, unloaded and used repeatedly, and bumps are inevitable, so the durability of the products is very high. When the positive light-emitting transparent LED screen collides and falls, the lamp beads are directly stressed, which can easily cause the screen to die. At the beginning of the design of the side-emitting full-color transparent LED screen, such a problem was considered. When a bump occurs, the side light bar is directly stressed, and the dead light is broken. Just replace the light bar directly, and the maintenance is simple and fast. .


The above is the comparative analysis of the advantages of the two light-emitting methods of the transparent LED screen, I hope it can help you.


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