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How much power is consumed by LED signage?

by JohnsonZhong on September 02, 2022

Compared with other displays, is led screen really very power consuming? What is the actual power consumption? Today, let's talk about how much power LED signage/ LED screen uses.


  1. The power consumption of displays using different technologies varies greatly. Common displays include CRT, LCD and LED display. Among these three displays, CRT consumes the most power, LCD the second, and LED the least.


  1. The general power consumption of common LED screen (referring to liquid crystal displays with LED lighting as backlight) is about 25W.


  1. For example, 25W times 24h / kWh = 0.6 kWh. That is, if it is displayed 24 hours a day, the power consumption of a day is about 0.6 kWh. (of course, it is related to the brightness setting of the display, and there will be certain fluctuations in this power consumption range.)


  1. If it is a display with CCFL backlight, the power of a 22 inch LCD display is generally about 45W, and the power consumption of a day is 45W times 24h / kWh = 1.08 kWh.


  1. If it is a CRT display (which is rare now), the power may reach about 120W. The daily power consumption is close to about 2.88 kWh.


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