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Can the indoor LED display be changed to an outdoor LED screen ?

by JohnsonZhong on August 21, 2022

LED screens are widely used in daily life. If they are subdivided, they can be divided into many categories. From the perspective of environmental configuration, they can be divided into indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays. Some customers have purchased an indoor LED display. After a period of use, the company has activities that need to be used outdoors. In order to save costs, can the indoor LED display be moved to outdoor use?


Customers who have such an idea do not know much about LED displays. We can give you a definite answer, it is unrealistic to change indoor LED display to outdoor use for the following reasons:


  1. Brightness


The brightness requirements of indoor LED display are not high. Dynamic scanning circuit is used. Outdoor LED display has higher brightness. Static scanning circuit is used, and the hardware difference between the two is large. The luminous brightness of the indoor screen is ten times to dozens of times that of the outdoor screen. Placing the indoor display screen outdoors is like placing the TV outdoors, and the brightness is insufficient.


  1. Waterproof


Outdoor screens are much more adaptable to the environment than indoor screens. Outdoor screens must be protected from rain, direct sunlight, dust, high temperatures, wind, and lightning, but indoor screens do not need to consider these issues. The indoor LED display screen structure requires no waterproof or simple waterproof treatment, so the requirements on the box structure itself are different.


    3. the dust-proof level is limited:

Dust is a key factor to reduce the product rate of LED displays and accelerate product embrittlement. Outdoor LED displays need to be protected from dust according to the design scheme and dust-proof structure.


  1. Limitation of sight distance


The indoor full-color LED display requires a short viewing distance, and the model specifications are generally P0.9, P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P2, P2.5, P3, so the area is generally within 30 square meters, while the outdoor The LED display requires a long viewing distance. The models are generally P4, P6, and P8, so its area is generally larger than 30 square meters.


Summary: Indoor LED display and outdoor LED display are different in terms of brightness, waterproof, dustproof treatment, model selection, etc., resulting in different hardware, such as raw materials, accessories, and cabinets at the beginning of production, so try not to change them. The effect will only get worse!


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