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Attention shall be paid to the installation and storage of LED screen

by JohnsonZhong on September 22, 2022

Nowadays, the application of LED display screen has been quite common. As a precision electronic product, the environment and operation mode for the transportation, storage and installation of LED display screen have relevant requirements, otherwise it is very easy to damage the screen. So today we will talk about how to correctly operate these processes.


  1. The place where the box is placed shall be cleaned and laid with pearl wool.
  2. Modules shall not be stacked randomly, and the number of stacked layers shall not be more than 10. When stacking, the lamp surface shall be placed relatively and separated with pearl cotton.
  3. It is recommended to lay the single module with the lamp face up. Pay attention to protection when the number is large and the place with large vibration is strictly prohibited.
  4. The box shall be handled with care. When landing, it is necessary to land the rear side first, and then land the lamp surface to avoid injury.
  5. During installation or maintenance, all workers must wear cordless anti-static bracelets.
  6. When transporting the box, all the boxes shall be lifted, and dragging on the ground is strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the bottom module. The box shall be balanced during hoisting and shall not swing or rotate in the air.
  7. The installation shall be handled with care, and throwing is strictly prohibited.
  8. If adjustment is required, soft rubber hammer can be used to strike the metal part of the box. It is strictly prohibited to strike the module. It is strictly prohibited to squeeze and collide between modules. In case of any gap or abnormal positioning, it is not allowed to strike the box and module with a hammer or other hard objects. The box can be picked up and the foreign matter can be removed before trying.


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