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Advantages and Application of Curved LED screen

by JohnsonZhong on September 25, 2022

Traditional LED screens are mostly flat, but they have limitations in special occasions. With the advent of curved LED screen products in the market, people began to pay attention to this new type of screen. What are the advantages of this curved screen over the traditional flat screen? In terms of application, which fields are applicable.



Advantages of curved LED screen:

1、 Better visual experience

The human eye is raised in a certain radian, and the radian of the curved LED screen can just ensure that the eye can see the screen and communicate it to the human eye equivalently. The same is true for TV and display screen. Curved screen can bring better sensory experience. Whether in the center or not, it can achieve consistent sensory experience.

2、 Greater flexibility

Now most TV, tablet and notebook screens are flat. However, if you want to make a watch, the flat screen may suffer from great limitations. At this time, the curved screen can play its flexibility, and it can create some specific radians to meet the product requirements. Similarly, many large commercial squares have also adopted the transitional omnidirectional curved display screen, which can help advertisers make better use of space and accurately convey information to more people.



Application fields of curved LED display:

1、 Home furnishing. Curved TVs, which are already commercially available, will also have a significant impact on "smart homes" in the future. Curved display control will be implemented in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen appliances, and even bathrooms.

2、 Smart mobile devices. For example, mobile phones, watches, portable mobile devices, curved screens can make product design more imaginative. If the curved screen can be freely realized, it means that the folding screen will also be possible.

3、 Architecture and advertising. At present, most of the more common outdoor curved LED displays are composed of countless LED screens or multi screen splicing. If a better curved display mode can appear in the future, the customization cost may be greatly reduced.

4、 Cinema. Cinema screens are also slowly reforming. Curved screens are still in the minority, and they are likely to be widely used in the future. After all, a real curved screen will achieve clearer and sharper picture quality and restore the real scene.

5、If a large screen is prevented in a conference hall with a capacity of 1000 people, it means that the screen must be curved, which may be used in meetings or concerts.


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