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5 installation technologies that led display engineers must know

by JohnsonZhong on September 07, 2022

Engineers who install LED screens must master good technology. Generally, they must master the following 5 key points to give customers the most satisfactory effect.


  1. Early exploration is more important. The screen should be designed according to the site construction situation. The reasonable combination of the installation site and the screen is the first step of the LED screeninstallation process.


  1. For the installation of LED screenpanel, customers may have some knowledge about the steel structure construction, but generally do not know much about the wiring and splicing of LED screenpanel. Therefore, professional engineers must guide the installation, and the final panel operators of the other party need to participate to understand more about the panel.


  1. For steel frame design, generally within 3-5 days after signing the contract, the LED electronic display installation engineer will design the steel frame structure according to the site conditions and the actual situation of the LED screenand hand it over to the construction party. After the construction party gets the drawings, it will purchase relevant materials according to the drawings and plan the steel structure fabrication.


  1. Technical training of LED screen: during the production of the screen, customers can send people to the LED screenmanufacturer to learn the operation of LED screenand the replacement technology of simple spare parts.


  1. For the calculation of panel power and power distribution facilities, in the early stage of installation, the power consumption of the panel and the size of the distribution cabinet must be planned in the early stage. The manufacturer of LED screencalculates the actual power consumption according to the actual situation of the screen and provides it to the construction party for cooperation.


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