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3788 square meters! Asia's first giant screen "Light of Asia"

by JohnsonZhong on July 18, 2022

This "first giant screen" in Asia, known as the "Light of Asia", is located in the center of the Guanyinqiao business district in Chongqing and is built around two adjacent facades of the building.

The total area is as high as 3788 square meters, and the super large area is the "first screen in Asia". The 3D ultra-high-definition LED display is 2.3 times that of the large screen in Times Square in New York. It is as large as 9 basketball courts, with visual impact and influence. As a large screen for urban cover outdoor advertising, it is also a new landmark of China's outdoor media.


The 3D visual effects of the ultra-high-definition LED giant screen are like moving a corner of the ocean into the wall screen, and the underwater creatures freely shuttle in front of the lively urban residents and tourists, giving a magical visual experience and guiding tourists to enter the commercial building unconsciously. The entire display screen takes into account architectural aesthetics and integrates with the business circle environment. While showing the prosperity of the city, it also places the pedestrian's field of vision in the best viewing area, bringing a more immersive experience to the target audience.


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